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The Kodagu Gowdas

Arebhashe gowdas or Kodagu Gowdas or Coorg Gowdas and Tulu Gowdas are another major ethnic group in the Coorg . They are found maily in Virajpet and Somwarpet taluks.

Kodagu Gowda language

"Arebhashe", is the main lingo of Kodagu Gowdas, which is the dialect of Kannada. It is written in the Kannada script.

Kodagu Gowda Culture, Customs & Tradition

"10 Kutumba - 18 Bali (Ghotra)" is the maxim of Kodagu Gowdas, but there are more than 100 families, which got separated from the primordial Kutumbas. Gowdas believe that people from same BALI or GOTHRA cannot marry as they might have originated from the same base family.

They have good recognition for their renowned culture and various rituals being celebrated in various festivals and occasions. The famous foods like "Koogalu Hittu", "Idumane Hittu", "Thambittu", "Pokkala Rotti", " Handi Gaipu(curry)", "Papittu" are seasonal and dished on certain occasions.

Gowdas are basically agriculturists and are very passionate about hunting and bacchanalian revelry. Wines and Home-made brewed drinks are very common in the sumptuous formal parties and traditional occasions. The Valaga-Dance is quite famous and frolic for Gowdas during ceremonies. It is very common to see that one or two members of almost each Gowda families represent Indian Armed Forces in one or the other capacity.

The Kodagu Gowdas worship Lord "Tirupathi Thimappa" or Venkataramana of Tirupathi as their Mane/Kula devaru /God . Goddess "Sabbakka",(Sri Sharadha Devi of Shringeri Matt) is also being worshiped and offerings are kept prior to any fest.

Kodagu Gowda Sports and events

Cricket matches are held between Gowda families for the Gowda Cup. Hockey, Kabaddi & volleyball matches are organised for Gowdas during various occasions like Kailu Muhurtha, Huttari & Kaveri Sankramana.

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