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Abbey Waterfalls

Abbey Falls, sometimes refered to as Abby Falls, is situated just 7 kilometers from Madikeri town. Reaching the place is a jolly ride in itself as the road that you drive on is very narrow with lots of turns and twists, ups and downs. A smiling mother nature welcomes you at every turn.

This famous falls, situated on a private property, attracts a large number of tourists around the globe. The water level swells during monsoon. It is highly advised neither to swim nor to go close to the waterfalls. The falls is more enjoyable within the fenced area wherefrom you get its friendly pose for your camera! The best place to have a better view of the falls is by standing on the hanging bridge opposite to the falls itself.

Our Advice:

Distilled water, bottled juice and snacks are available at sight. Other neccesaries are to be purchased well in advance from the city. People with knee pain must be carefull as several steps are to be climbed down to reach the falls. Stay within the fenced area. Do not swim. Do not get over exited and tresspass the fence.

How to reach Abbey/Abby waterfalls:

Location: 7 Kms from Madikeri
Transportation: Auto rikshaw (Economical & Recommended) or Tour Taxi

Irpu Waterfalls

Irpu falls (Irupu Falls) runs down through the Bhramagiri hills located in Kutta village of Coorg. It is a stream of Lakshmana-Theertha river and also a sacred place. The water jets from about 60m high and finally joins river Cauvery. The famous temple of Lord Shiva, known as the Rameshwara Temple, is situated nearby. Wandering beyond the falls is restricted as the whole place is termed as wildlife sanctuary. This narrow water falls is extremely beautiful and soothing. The lush green mountains around the falls makes it look more eligant and picturesque. You can also relax at a refreshing pond halfway up the falls.

Our Advice:

Be extremely careful while getting into the water and/or swimming. Do not trek beyond the waterfalls without permission from the Coorg wild life society. Watch your steps on slippery rocks.

How to reach Irpu waterfalls:

Location: Kutta village
Distance: 80 kms from Madikeri, 30kms from Gonikoppa, 25 kms from Nagarahole and about 48 km from Virajpet on the way to Nagarahole.
Transportation: Tour Taxi

Chelavara Waterfalls

This ambushed but majestic stream-falls is an ideal place for budding trekkers and nature lovers. Reaching this place is full of fun and adventurous as one has to cruse through the countryside crossroads all along. You will have to walk for about a kilometer from the parking area to reach the falls. It is fairly easy to climb to the falls, but the incline and trail difficulty increases dramatically in the next few miles if you choose to continue beyond. Two kilometers from the falls is another enigmatic Hill, an ideal spot to enjoy the sunset. This falls is often miss-spelled as Chalvera Falls, which is incorrect.

Our Advice:

It is more like a mini-trekking. People with knee pain might face difficulties. Older generation might not enjoy the trip to Chelavara falls. Do not leave children unattended at anytime. Carry all necessary things along with you, as there are no shops in the vicinity.

It is advisable to take along water bottle, towel (if you intend to get into the water), eatables (if you wish to make it a picnic), first aid kit (you never know) and a camera! Try as much to wear trekking boots or sport shoes and avoid wearing slippers, sandals, high heels, formal/office shoes etc. Be extremely careful when you get into water in Coorg as it might cost you your sweet life. Safety first!

How to reach Chelavara waterfalls:

Location: Chelavara village (Madikeri-Murnad-9 kms into Virajpet Road-deviation-Kadanga Town-Chelavara village)
Distance: 38 kms from madikeri
Transport: Tour Taxi (Make sure the vehicle is in good condition)

Mallalli Waterfalls

Nestled within the thick Forrest, the Mallalli falls (Mallali Falls) is one of the tallest waterfalls in the Coorg where river Kumaradhara, drops down from over 200 feet. Scattered along the stream you’ll find incredibly misty waterfalls. The Mallalli waterfall looks like a thick veil, flowing from 61 meters above to the waters below. A shimmering falls flowing through both rocks and outlined by brilliant green flora creates a calming atmosphere like no other. Mallalli falls is situated on the foothills of Pushpagiri hill-ranges. Be prepared for a truly magical experience.

Our Advice:

People with knee pain might have to be extra carefull. Do not leave children unattended at anytime. Carry all necessary things along with you, as there are no shops in the vicinity.

Try as much to wear trekking boots or sport shoes and avoid wearing slippers, sandals, high heels, formal/office shoes etc. Be extremely careful when you get into water in Coorg as it might cost you your sweet life. Safety first!

How to reach Mallalli waterfalls:

Location: Bettadahalli Gram Panchayat, Somwarpet Taluk
Distance: 50Kms from Madikeri towards Somwarpet; 42 Kms from Kushalnagar towards Somwarpet;
Transport: Tour Taxi (Make sure the vehicle is in good condition)


Nisargadham (as it is popularly known as) is an Ecological Park for young and old and a paradise for the nature lovers. This romantic 64-acre island, accessible through a hanging bridge. It gives immense pleasure to all the Nature and Fun loving tourists to wander around the park. Honeymooners (or anybody!!!) can enjoy boating and spend some time together away from the crowd. If you are looking for some extra large fun, then the elephant back ride is deemed perfect.

Having local food surrounded by tweeting birds and whispering nature in a Restaurant made from bamboo is definitely bliss! It also has a forest department run guest house and treetop bamboo cottages. A wide variety of wild animals can be found here including dears, peococks and rabbits that comes handy. There is also a children's playground and orchidarium

How to reach Nisargadhama/Nisargadama:

Location: Gudde hosur
Distance: 30 Kms from Madikeri, 4 Kms from Kushalnagar & 95 Kms from Mysore.
Transportation:Tour Taxi or Govt/Private busses are available from Madikeri/Kushalnagar.


Nagarhole National Park is also known as 'Rajiv Gandhi National Park. The word 'Nagarahole(y)' means 'Cobra-river' (Nagara=Cobra snake; Holey=River) in Kannada. It is spread between Kodagu and Mysore districts. Nagarahole river flows through the park and gradually joins the Kabini river which also is a boundary between Nagarahole and Bandipur.

The exclusive hunting reserve of the former rulers of Mysore, the park has rich forest cover, small streams, valleys, and waterfalls. Variety of Birds, animals and reptiles can be found here. It streches over 640 km², protecting the wildlife of Karnataka. Together with the adjoining Bandipur National Park (870 km²) and Mudumalai National Park (320 km²), it forms the largest protected area in southern India. Several streams in the Park, are tributaries of the two major rivers in the State, namely, Lakshmanathirtha and Kabini which in turn join the river Cauvery.

Forest department vehicles are available for wildlife viewing. The ideal time to visit the park is between September and May. The Forest Department, have their rest houses at Nagarahole.

Wild animals found here include the Tiger, Leopard, Indian elephant, Indian bison or gaur, Wild dog, Sloth bear, Indian giant squirrel, Palm civet, Common otter, Four horned antelope, Mouse deer, Indian python, Indian cobra and many more. Variety of The bird life includes the Peacock, Grey jungle fowl, Alexandrine parakeet being some of them.

How to reach Nagarahole:

Location: It is spread between Kodagu and Mysore districts.
Distance: 90 kms from Madikeri & 95 Kms from mysore
Transport: Tour Taxi or Govt. busses are available from Madikeri/Mysore.

Dubare Forest

Dubare Forest is a natural island of about 11-12 acres. This is a fabulous pick nick place where you can enjoy singing to the karaoke of Mother Nature. Elephants are often found bathing in the river with mahouts helping them with the process. If you have a good smile and a good sense of humor you can get a free ride on the elephant!

This is mainly an elephant capturing and training camp of the Forest Department. Giants of the jungle are captured with the help of the local tribesman, The Kurubas, and few tamed or domestic elephants. Fishing is allowed but with the prior permission from the wild life society. The Forest Department maintains cottages/guest houses at Dubare forest. Activities here includes, bird watching, white river rafting, trekking, boating, fishing, camp fire and many more. Situated on the banks of River Cauvery, this place is an ideal holiday spot.

Our Advice:

Take precautions while swimming. Life jackets are available if you intend to boat. Do not get too friendly with the Elephants! Do not litter around. Do not go fishing without permission. There might be an entry-ticket for the island where the Elephants are trained and most of all remember to wear a big smile!

How to reach Dubare Forest:

Location: Near Nanjarayapattana.
Distance: 40 Kms from Madikeri & 16 Kms from Kushalnagar
Transport: Tour Taxi

Chiklihole Reservoir

Pronounced as 'Chikli-holey', it is a large body of water that offers both relaxation and tranquillity; perfect for holidaymakers and nature lovers looking to escape the stresses of their lives back home.The area surrounding Chiklihole reservoir makes this place particularly attractive. Watching the Sunset from here is extremely picturesque and photogenic. The green meadow on one side and thick forest on the other makes this place a great travel destination across Coorg.

The Chiklihole reservoir on the tributary of river Kaveri is also a wonderful picnic spot.

Our Advice:

visit this place only if you have enough time after visiting Dubare forest. It is advisable to enjoy your evening in Dubare forest and rush back here for the sunset. Be careful near the water.

How to reach Chiklihole Reservoir:

Location: Near Nanjarayapattana.
Distance: 45 Kms from Madikeri, 18 km's from Kushalnagar and 5 km's from Dubare forest
Transport: Tour Taxi

Harangi Dam

Harangi Dam, built across the tributary of river Cauveri, is located at Hadgur village that is around 8 kms from kushalnagar. With a height of 47 mts. and 846 mts. length, the dam attracts people mostly during the monsoon season when the released water roaringly splashes the ground. This place is ideal for weekend picknick with family and friends. Best time to visit the dam is between August to October. Guest house facility is available upon reservation from the public works department.

Our Advice:

Try to reach Harangi Dam before 5:30pm as it is open only till 6:00pm. Be careful near the dam. Do not leave children unattended at anytime.

How to reach Harangi Dam:

Location: Hadgur Village
Distance: 36 Kms from Madikeri and 8 Kms from Kushalnagar
Transport: Tour Taxi or buses operate between Kushalnagar and Somwarpet via Harangi.

Coffee Estate/Plantation/Farm

The coffee plantation tour is ideal for anyone that wants to experience the culture while eyewitness the production of the freshly brewed coffee they will have in the mountains. Also for those who wishes to see Coorg outside the Metro and tourist area in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Hotel guests, whether they drink coffee or not, have an opportunity to see up-close Coorg's enchanting scenery in style. Visitors are accompanied by the Estate owners who also play the host. You can get the best knowledge on how coffee is grown and how it is sold. People of Coorg are famous for their hospitality. You can also taste typical Veg/Non-veg Coorg meals with prior arrangements with the estate owner. Accomodation and food is often provided within the Coffeefarm and is popularly known as Plantation-stays.

In addition, they will also be able to buy coffee at wholesale for themselves or as a gift. Fill their lungs with Coorg mountain air at approximately 2,500 - 5000feet. A tour of a century-old coffee plantations located on the hilly area provides the opportunity to enjoy coffee production, in a single, very scenic, tasty and aroma-filled experience.

Finally, you will inhale from a cup with freshly brewed Coorg specialty coffee and drink it while being inside a plantation surrounded by the coffee workers.

Location: Most parts of Coorg (Prior permission required). Advised to consult proffesional tour guides, hotels or tourism info centre for locations.
Transport: Tour taxi or private vehicle.

Trekking and Hiking around Coorg

Visitors may select treks that suit their level of fitness, from easy one-hour or day rambles to highly challenging climbs. If you’re keen to enjoy Coorg’s beautiful landscapes and explore our vast wilderness areas, pack a selection of walking shoes and boots.

About 90 per cent of Coorg trekking spots are protected land with public access, so there are plenty of tracks and trails to choose from. You can find your own way, or take advantage of the many guided hikes and tours.

Best season to plan your trekking is during December to May


Tadiandamol is the highest mountain of Coorg district, and the second highest in Karnataka. Located on the Western Ghats range, and reaches an elevation of 1,748 mtrs (5,734 Ft) this place is special interest for trekkers. The mountain, covered with thick forest, is flooded with leeches.

This peak is situated near Virajpet about a 30kms away on the way to Napoklu, Bhagamandala and it lies adjacent to the Makutta forest.

The peak is not altogether inaccessible; two-thirds of it can be negotiated on a jeep. On the way you can also have a glimpse of an old palace called 'Nalku Naadu Aramane'. All along the way trekkers experience grassy valleys, beech forests, high waterfalls, wildlife and amazing views. Most rewarding of all is the spectacular sight of distant cities or towns at the end.

Pushpagiri Hill

The Pushpagiri or Subramanya hill (5,626 ft.), is in the north-west of Kodagu, about 36 kms from Somwarpet and 1.5 km from Kumaralli, which is amidst thick forest. This is a remarkable two-pointed hill of precipitous height and peculiar shape and resembles, as seen from Madikeri, a gigantic bullock hump.

The lolcation of this mountain and its steep sturcture makes it more adventurous than Tadiandamol. Once you reach to its summit, stunning landscape and an breath taking view of Kodagu/Coorg, Dakshina Kannada, Mysore and Hassan can be seen.

Brahmagiri Hill

From the source of River Cauvery, Talacauvery, you can Trek/hike towards the peak of about 300 feet. Besides stunning mountain peaks, lush rainforests, rushing streams, immense waterfalls, superb beech forests and wild coasts, trekkers have opportunities to see rare forest flowers, ancient trees and strange insects passing by.

Hiking trips allow you to visit more remote and unspoiled parts of Coorg and to see the landscape and culture with very little outside influence.

Honnamana Kere

Honnamana Kere is a hotspot for Trekking & Rock Climbing. Adjecent Cliffs (Gavi betta and Mori betta) are the favourite places adventure lovers. If you prefere to be relaxed you can take a Hike in the Coffee plantations.

Our Advice:

Although Coorg has a mild climate, the weather can change very quickly at any time of the year. Before setting off into the forests and mountains, be sure you have a good topographical map, high-energy foods, warm clothing, rain gear, trekking shoes/boots and correct fuel for your camping stove.

Make sure someone knows your plans, and remember to let them know once you return. Feed all the important local contact numbers in your mobile phone. Keep a visiting card of the hotel where you stay. Before drinking water from rivers or other natural sources it is best to boil, chemically treat or filter it. Beware of snakes and wild animals.

Enjoy your visit and protect them for the future. Camp carefully, respect the land and leave no trace of your presence.

Location: Advised to consult proffesional tour guides, hotels or tourism info centre for locations.

Boating and white water rafting in Coorg

Boating in coorg

For many people, boating is a great way to escape the daily routine. There seems to be a calming effect while boating out on the waters while being surrounded by nature. Whether you're going on a fishing trip or taking your sweetheart to a romantic getaway, it is the perfect way to spend the day.

Boating in Coorg is truly exiting. Sailing through the nature amisdst the tossing green is bliss in itself. Small boats for two or four are available in Nisargadam. Boating is also available in Dubare forest where you can see Elephants taking bath nearby. These days few plantation-stays also provide boating facility for a very nominal fee (however prior permission is to be taken).

White water Rafting

White water rafting in Coorg is ideal for first timers and adventure lovers. The stunning scenery is an added merit for your rafting action. Coorg Rivers are well suited for easy rafting and provides an ideal setting for an easy float trip down the calm and pristine waters. You determine your level of involvement in the water; you can paddle, swim, or simply lay back and admire the landscape float by as you leisurely drift downstream.

Location: Dubare Forest, Nisargadama and few Plantation-Stays

Elephant Back Ride

Indian elephant back rides are taken both in the early morning and in the afternoon. Being up close to an elephant in the bush is a moving experience but being on top of one is an ideal way to be a part of the wild, and see it from best advantage.

Each Elephant's personal groom (Mahooth) provides a wealth of knowledge of these magnificent mammals from their own first-hand experience. Put this on your MUST DO list of activities.

Both Cauvery Nisargadham and Nagarhole is abundant in both bird and animal life. Although game sightings cannot be guaranteed, there is a good chance of seeing wildbuffalo, Deer, bushbuck, rabbit, elephants, pecock and other species of wildlife as well as a variety of birds. Tigers are rarely seen and if you find one you are very lucky!

Location: Nisargadama and Dubare Forest.

Fishing in Coorg

The Valnur fishing camp, on the banks of River Cauvery near Kushalnagar, is an ideal place for all the fishing enthusiasts. Fishing permits can be obtained from the Coorg Wildlife Society. Wide range of fishes can be found here. Variety of birds can also be seen here.

Our Advice:

Do not attempt fishing without a fishishing license that can be obtained from the Coorg Wildlife Society. Homestay/Plantation-stay/hotels normally assist their customers to get the license.

Location: Valnoor Fishing Camp near Kushalanagar and few plantation-stays

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